*Please note that our policies have changed since this 60 Minutes segment. Due to new regulations, we are no longer permitted to put out samples at the Bud+Breakfast™ at The Adagio or at Hotel San Ayre. Guests still enjoy samples at the Bud+Breakfast™ at Silverthorne.

From the Kitchen

Every morning, eggs are cracked and bowls are packed as guests gather in our sunny, communal dining area for our famed Wake+Bake breakfast sessions. Grab a fresh cup of coffee or an uplifting Sativa strain and enjoy a gourmet breakfast prepared with care by our skilled on-site chefs.

No authentic marijuana-friendly lodge could exist without a proper 4:20 Happy Hour celebration! Join us in the dining and living areas for some delicious hors d’oeuvres, a selection of complimentary beer and wine, and the freedom to consume whatever recreational marijuana products you desire.

*Please alert our staff to any food allergies you may have, as we do our best to accommodate most requests.

From the Spa


Relax and discover the powerful healing effects of topical cannabis in one of our private massage studios, operated by Primal Therapeutics. Their blend of unique oils are high in THC, CBD, and CBN, utilizing a full cannabinoid spectrum and allowing for maximum healing potential. We highly recommend experiencing this deeply therapeutic treatment during your stay.