Pass the Buds around


Do you want to become Buds?

Are you interested in becoming part of one of the fastest growing brands,The Bud+Breakfast? Do you own and operate an Inn or Bed & Breakfast? Is Cannabis legal in your state or country? If so the BUD+BREAKFAST brand is now offering license agreement. 


What can we offer to potential Licensee?

  • Increased exposure, as part of our brand, we offer national media attentention, we have been featured on "CBS 60 minutes, History Channel and numerous local and national and international TV,printed media Spots"

  • Centralized Booking system through our dedicated reservation site.

  • Opportunity to raise daily room rates as a result of being  a Bud+Breakfast. We have consistently increased room rates at our lodging facilities due to the fact we are cannabis friendly and offer much more than your standard inns.

  • Additional increase in revenue  through the sale of our merchandise, which has been well received by our guests.

  • We offer standard operating procedures, recipes for your daily "Wake + Bake Breakfast and 420 Happy Hour meals"

  • National marketing and advertising, which could increase your booking.

  • Increased purchasing power of toiletries,and other products utilized at The Bud+Breakfast.

  • Reward programs, such as our Bud+Breakfast guest rewards card.