Camp Bud+Breakfast Mountain Resort at Aspen Canyon Ranch Makes History

Denver, Colorado (March 11, 2016) – The MaryJane Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: MJMJ) today announced the signing of a Lease and Service Agreement to operate Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch, a 414 acre all-inclusive getaway in Parshall, Colorado.

Located in the Rocky Mountains approximately 1.5 hours from downtown Denver and within 25 minutes of the Company’s Bud+Breakfast at Silverthorne location, the ranch is near some of the state’s most beloved outdoor destinations, The resort combines recreational marijuana use and education with a traditional ranch experience to create the country’s first-ever cannabis resort. Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch will begin accepting reservations on March 15 for this year’s summer season, July 1 – September 30, 2016. 

A stay at Camp Bud+Breakfast includes accommodations in one of the property’s 12 rustic, yet well-appointed, cabins and two guest houses. Guests will enjoy renowned Bud+Breakfast dishes throughout the day including “Wake and Bake Breakfast, “420” Happy Hour, dinner and late night dessert.  Complimentary drinks including soda, water, beer and wine will also be available to guests throughout their stay. Guests will also enjoy unlimited access to equipment and guides for outdoor activities, plus arts and wellness classes like Canvas and Cannabis and Cannabis Yoga. The resort will offer a variety of courses, workshops and interactive learning series focused on cannabis-related sciences, cultivation and pairings. Sessions will be led by a respected group of pharmacologic cannabis pioneers, wellness coaches, yogis, culinary wizards and dispensary owners. Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch, which is situated on the Williams Fork River, has hot tubs, nightly entertainment and recreational activities such as bocce, river tubing, fly fishing, horseshoes and beach volleyball, and provides daily shuttles to lakes and hot springs within 20 minutes of the property and shuttles to and from Silverthorne, Colorado. For an additional fee, guests can go on horseback riding and ATV tours.

For legal purposes, a stay at Camp Bud+Breakfast includes everything except the cannabis itself. Guests who wish to buy marijuana can turn to the property’s cannabis concierge, who’ll provide a menu of recommended strains, plus suggested pairings with specific activities and meals. The retreat has exclusive partnerships with area dispensaries, which means guests enjoy special rates and private dispensary tours. 

“There truly is no place like this in the entire world,” said Joel Schneider, CEO of The MaryJane Group and operator of Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch. “We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment. And our offerings are extensive enough that even friends and companions who aren’t interested in the cannabis lifestyle will also enjoy this special retreat.”

“We look forward to working with The MaryJane Group and we are committed to create this unique and amazing experience for their guests,” said Ryan Collins, owner and operator of the Aspen Canyon Ranch.

Many tourists are surprised to learn that though recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado, public consumption is illegal. Most hotels do not allow cannabis consumption. If they do, it’s in accordance with the Colorado Clean Air Act which states that 75 percent of rooms must be smoke-free, and smoking in public areas is prohibited. But thanks to its small number of rooms and secluded mountainside location, Camp Bud+Breakfast is able to allow marijuana consumption in all public areas. For safety reasons, the resort does not allow smoking inside cabins and encourages guests to experience the communal vibe in one of many public areas (including the hot tubs, riverside, smoking lounge, bonfire, activities room, restaurant and walking trails). Each guest has access to a private deck where smoking is also allowed.

Camp Bud+Breakfast Resort can welcome up to 56 guests at a time in one bedroom cabin accommodations, the Cliff House and the River House. The cabins include outdoor private deck areas, refrigerators, premium linens and river rock gas fireplaces. The houses are finely appointed and have complete kitchens, being nestled amongst pine, fir, spruce and aspen trees and within walking distance of a pristine river and on-site fully stocked fishing ponds. Visitors from out of state can fly into Denver International Airport where transportation to Camp Bud+Breakfast will be provided at an additional cost. 

About the MaryJane Group

The MaryJane Group is a hospitality management company based in Colorado. They are the leader and creator of the canna-lifestyle hospitality sector, committed to strengthening the recreational cannabis industry through a unique brand portfolio of guest venues and trusted partnerships with leaders in the cannabis field. Founded in 2014 by Joel Schneider, the company has capitalized on the passing of the Colorado Amendment 64 by establishing lodging accommodations dedicated to the growing canna-tourism industry. /




Mile-high city just got higher: Denver’s first cannabis-friendly B&B

Enter Joel and Lisa Schneider, owners of the Mary Jane Group, which is leading the way in “the canna-lifestyle hospitality sector”. They run The Adagio Bud + Breakfast in downtown Denver. Unlike a hotel with a public lobby, a privately owned bed and breakfast can allow customers to legally consume marijuana products on their private premises. The Adagio opened in 2014, effectively cornering the market.

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Smoking Allowed: Find a Cannabis Friendly Hotel for your Next Vacation

Bud + Breakfast is a cannabis themed hotel where smoking marijuana is an essential part of the overnight experience. As marijuana becomes legalized, clever entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the new market with cannabis tours, dining experiences and now… 420 friendly lodging.

In states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington recreational marijuana use is legal but it is still illegal to smoke in public. Most hotels and resorts have strict no smoking policies, which includes balconies and outdoor areas on hotel property and apply to both tobacco and marijuana smoking. Fortunately for the cannabis loving tourist a number of “cannabis friendly” lodging options are popping up with increasing rapidity. These range from the cannabis-centric Bud + Breakfast in Colorado to the merely cannabis tolerant like the Bacon Mansion in Seattle.

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Hotel San Ayre is a friendly stopover for toking tourists

Now that cannabis consumption is legal, 420-friendly accommodations are cropping up across the state — even in Colorado Springs.

The concept is simple enough: Provide space, facilities and other considerations for guests to smoke, vape or otherwise consume their weed safely.

But what really goes on inside hotels that not only condone but welcome traveling dope fiends?

As it turns out, nothing shocking — just a lot of mellow chatter and the wafting of a little smoke.

The historic Hotel San Ayre, a 63-year-old establishment on the corner of West Colorado Avenue and 34th Street, was recently purchased by Denver-based Bud & Breakfast, which also operates weed-friendly accommodations in Denver and Silverthorne.

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Advocates in Denver, Home to Legal Marijuana, Seek Public Place to Smoke

Whether bought from a downtown shop or cadged from a friend’s basement greenhouse, legal marijuana is easy to find in Colorado. Places to smoke it, not so much.

Smoking in private homes and on front porches is allowed. But under a thicket of state, local and private regulations, marijuana use here, in a state at the forefront of legalization, is banned from parks and sidewalks, airport smoking areas, hotel rooms, gallery events, nightclubs and nearly every other corner of public life. Smoking in public is regularly ticketed, and this spring, the Denver police raided two private, marijuana-friendly clubs and handed out citations.

But in the latest battle over legalizing marijuana, advocates are seeking to allow legal pot use to tiptoe ever so slightly into public, into establishments like bars or clubs that cater to over-21 crowds. Supporters are calling it “limited social cannabis use.”

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Adagio Bud and Breakfast: Family, Comfort, Gourmet Wake and Bake...

Morning Light streams through the windows as guests settle in at the long breakfast table, the patio garden dappled in sunshine outside. Candied walnut pancakes, hues rancheros, and fresh fruit grace the platters, and the smell of fresh espresso mingles with the aroma of frying bacon. There’s also the smell of cannabis, as one seated guest rolls then lights a joint. A silver tray of glass pipes sits on a side table, a box of gourmet tea bags on another. this is The Adagio, after all, Denver’s premier Bud and Breakfast.

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MaryJane Group opens new Bud+Breakfast in Colorado

The MaryJane Group -- a Colorado-based, "canna-tourism" hospitality management company -- has opened the new Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs.

It is the third property under the umbrella of MaryJane's Bud+Breakfast brand. Others in the portfolio include the B+B Adiago in Denver, and the Grateful Dead-themed B+B at Silverthorne (a small town between Keystone and Vail), both of which opened in 2014.

Hotel San Ayre, formerly a motel-style property, is situated in downtown Colorado Springs near popular tourist attractions such as Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Red Rock Canyon Park and Manitou Springs. It has 11 re-designed rooms, suites and cottages decorated in rustic style with contemporary touches. According to a release, the MaryJane Group has added a hot tub, fire pit and turned an on-site cottage into a game room/smoking lounge. Also included for guests: Bud+Breakfast's signature "Wake+Bake" continental breakfast (with cannabis-infused cuisine) and the "4:20 Happy Hour" with free beer, wine and snacks. The San Ayre's policy is BYOM, meaning guests bring their own marijuana.

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It's BYOM -- bring your own marijuana -- at this pot-friendly hotel in Colorado

This could make you euphoric: Smoking is allowed at the new Hotel San Ayre in Colorado Springs, Colo. After all, it's part of the Bud+Breakfast group.

This cannabis-friendly hotel, which promises "we'll keep the bowl burning for you," is making the most of Colorado's marijuana tourism. The state's voters in 2012 OK'd Amendment 64, which allows the recreational use of pot.

Locals 21 or older may walk into a store and buy an ounce of pot, but tourists are limited to a quarter-ounce in a single transaction. And they can't take it out of the state. (Check out this Colorado Pot Guide for more information.)

The Hotel San Ayre, which opened in mid-July, and other pot-friendly hotels want folks to come and stay a while to feel comfortable while they party.

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The MaryJane Group Puts CannaCamp on Hold

The opening of a 170-acre cannabis resort in Colorado has come to a halt as its proprietors must now seek a new location.

The MaryJane Group (OTCQB: MJMJ), a hospitality management company based in Colorado, had announced earlier this summer that it would be opening an all-inclusive getaway in Durango, Colorado, for adults who enjoy cannabis. On July 3, 2015, the MaryJane Group announced that CannaCamp, a “bud and breakfast” mountain resort, is now exploring options to bring the CannaCamp concept to life elsewhere in Colorado for summer 2016, while continuing to explore additional locations for expansion.

According to The Durango Herald, The MaryJane Group had formed a joint venture with Silverton, Colorado, resident Vanessa Roberts to establish CannaCamp on the ranch her in-laws had owned for more than 45 years. However, the ranch was recently sold and the new owners are not interested in leasing the land to be used for the CannaCamp concept.

“I’m disappointed beyond words that the originally planned CannaCamp Bud+Breakfast location did not work out to our standards,” said Joel Schneider, CEO of The MaryJane Group, in a statement. “We’ve dedicated enormous amounts of time, resources and money to the CannaCamp Bud+Breakfast concept; but, sadly, our land partners failed to secure the 170-acre ranch in Durango we had been promised. We’ve decided the best decision to maintain the integrity of the Bud+Breakfast brand is to discontinue our partnership with that land partner and continue with our own expansion.”

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Colorado Camp Resort for Pot Users Falls Through

A planned pot-friendly ranch resort in southwest Colorado has been snuffed before it opened. The 170-acre CannaCamp resort touted weed-friendly activities such as hiking and fishing.

But a deal with the landowner fell through, and the marijuana-tourism company promoting CannaCamp announced Thursday that the resort won't open after all.

The MaryJane Group, which runs marijuana-friendly inns in Denver and Silverthorne, announced that it hopes to find a new home for CannaCamp by 2016. Guests who already booked stays starting at $395 per person per night are being offered stays in the bed-and-breakfasts instead.

CannaCamp had a tentative agreement to operate on an existing ranch just outside Durango. But the deal fell through after the CannaCamp announcement last month made international headlines and became the butt of jokes on late-night TV.

CannaCamp: Pot-friendly ranch resort postpones opening to summer 2016

The marijuana-friendly ranch resort in southwest Colorado that has been plastered all over international media for a month isn’t opening this week, or even this year, as planned, The Cannabist has learned.

In fact, CannaCamp’s opening, once scheduled for July 1, has been pushed to next summer after a misunderstanding between the hospitality group and its land partners, according to organizer MaryJane Group.

“I’m disappointed beyond words that the originally planned CannaCamp Bud+Breakfast location did not work out to our standards,” MaryJane Group CEO Joel Schneider said in a release. “We’ve dedicated enormous amounts of time, resources and money to the CannaCamp Bud+Breakfast concept; but sadly, our land partners failed to secure the 170-acre ranch in Durango we had been promised.”

CannaCamp was first announced in early June as a resort located on a 170-acre stretch of wilderness near Durango. Guests paying $395 per night, with a three-night minimum, could smoke marijuana on their luxurious cabins’ front porches when they weren’t hiking or doing yoga, Schneider promised at the time.

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16 Things to Do at the First All-Inclusive Marijuana Ranch Resort

Even if all-inclusive resorts are a routine Summer indulgence for you, we promise you've never experienced a vacation package quite like this. Starting on July 1, you'll be able to pioneer a new breed of all-inclusive hospitality: CannaCamp, a marijuana ranch resort located in Colorado, naturally. Resting on 170 acres of mountain-studded land in Durango, CO, CannaCamp offers rustic cabins for $395-$449/night per person, on-site dining, and a range of activities. Coined as the "nation's first cannabis-friendly ranch resort," it might be hard for some to visualize just exactly what that entails. If you're one of those people, read on!

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Durango resort, CannaCamp, is aimed at marijuana users

A resort that combines recreational marijuana use, beer and wine consumption, and courses like "Cannabis Yoga" is opening in Durango.

Denver-based MaryJane Group Inc. (which used to be known as Pladeo Corp. and which also operates a "bud and breakfast" operation in Denver), said "CannaCamp" will open on 170 acres in Durango.

The resort features nine cabins that can be rented between July 1 and Oct. 31. Marijuana smoking isn't allowed in the cabins, but pot smoking will be allowed everywhere else.

And resort-goers will have to bring their own marijuana, or,company officials said visitors "can turn to the property’s cannabis concierge, who’ll provide a menu of recommended strains, plus suggested pairings with specific activities and meals."

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Dude, the World's First Cannabis Camp Is Upon Us

The only surprise is that this didn’t happen earlier.

The world’s first cannabis resort – or “bud and breakfast”, as it styles itself – has opened in Colorado. Just in time for your summer vacation! Welcome to CannaCamp, now accepting reservations for the 2015 season, July 1 through October 31.

The resort – a mountain resort, no less – is in Durango, south of the Rockies and near Mesa Verde National Park. And it’s a proper resort – or, rather, a boutique one: 170 acres, sleeping just 40, run on an all-inclusive basis. No, all-inclusive doesn’t mean as much weed as you can smoke; legally, they can’t give you any, so either bring your own, select some from the menu, or get advice from the camp’s “cannabis concierge” who can suggest a particular strain for you, and even recommend food and drink pairings.

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CannaCamp Marijuana Ranch In Colorado: How To Reserve A Spot At America's First All-Inclusive Pot Resort

Scenic views, campfires and – could someone pass the blunt? Summer camp just got a whole lot more sophisticated with the opening of a new ranch-style, all-inclusive resort in Colorado that takes marijuana-friendly vacationing to new heights. Called CannaCamp, it is America’s first mountain getaway for adults that encourages guests to consume pot (legally, that is).

CannaCamp is expected to offer all the quintessential outdoor activities – hiking, fishing, horseshoes and marshmallow roasting – in addition to its less-traditional pursuits like cannabis cooking classes, high yoga and cannabis-infused massages. “We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp, in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment,” CannaCamp spokesman Joel Schneider told the Associated Press.

The ranch is set on 170 acres of pristine Colorado landscape in the San Juan Mountains. It is located in Durango, Colorado, about 300 miles southwest of Denver. Rates range from $395 to $449 per night, per person. Guests can expect rustic cabins, three on-site meals a day, and tons of beautiful greenery – trees and otherwise.

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Inside CannaCamp, America's First Marijuana Resort

It was only a matter of time: Once marijuana became legal in states like Colorado and Washington, the tourists were bound to flock there. And now you don't have to fly to Amsterdam to experience a weed-fueled vacation.

CannaCamp, a 170-acre ranch in Durango, Colorado, is about to become America's first cannabis resort. They're accepting reservations now for their first guests, who will arrive from July 1 to October 31. Legally, they can't give you the weed as soon as you get there, but they'll hook you up with a "concierge" who works with local dispensaries to get you special rates, and even private tours.

You can go hiking or mountain biking through the wilderness, or stay behind to take classes on cooking with marijuana, weed-fueled yoga sessions, or a very green version of your typical "wine and canvas" art sessions. You can even splurge on a massage using cannabis-infused lotions on your skin.

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