Wake And Bake In Style At The First Ever ‘Bud+Breakfast™’ Opening In Denver

Weed is legal for everyone over the age of 21 in Colorado, and the movement to integrate bud into traditional services is moving along quite swimmingly.

This movement took a giant step forward when a company known as the MaryJane Group signed a one-year lease with the owners of Adagio Bed and Breakfast.

According to Eater, the company will turn the bed and breakfast into a “Bud N’ Breakfast” that will provide guests with a comfortable place to say, great food and, most importantly, high-quality bud and marijuana edibles.

There will be an “on-site chef available to prepare gourmet foods cooked to order” as well as “unlimited luxury transportation within the Denver city limits with 24-hour security,” according to the press release.

The Bud N’ Breakfast sounds just like that place Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd stayed at in “Wanderlust,” only with better food and none of that animosity towards those evil “people-movers.”

In other words, the greatest vacation of your life.

The MaryJane Group handles debt financing for marijuana growers and dispensaries through a subsidiary company in addition to hosting cannabis tours.

When this heavenly establishment will open or how much it will charge remains unknown.