CannaCamp Marijuana Ranch In Colorado: How To Reserve A Spot At America's First All-Inclusive Pot Resort

Scenic views, campfires and – could someone pass the blunt? Summer camp just got a whole lot more sophisticated with the opening of a new ranch-style, all-inclusive resort in Colorado that takes marijuana-friendly vacationing to new heights. Called CannaCamp, it is America’s first mountain getaway for adults that encourages guests to consume pot (legally, that is).

CannaCamp is expected to offer all the quintessential outdoor activities – hiking, fishing, horseshoes and marshmallow roasting – in addition to its less-traditional pursuits like cannabis cooking classes, high yoga and cannabis-infused massages. “We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp, in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment,” CannaCamp spokesman Joel Schneider told the Associated Press.

The ranch is set on 170 acres of pristine Colorado landscape in the San Juan Mountains. It is located in Durango, Colorado, about 300 miles southwest of Denver. Rates range from $395 to $449 per night, per person. Guests can expect rustic cabins, three on-site meals a day, and tons of beautiful greenery – trees and otherwise.

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