Durango resort, CannaCamp, is aimed at marijuana users

A resort that combines recreational marijuana use, beer and wine consumption, and courses like "Cannabis Yoga" is opening in Durango.

Denver-based MaryJane Group Inc. (which used to be known as Pladeo Corp. and which also operates a "bud and breakfast" operation in Denver), said "CannaCamp" will open on 170 acres in Durango.

The resort features nine cabins that can be rented between July 1 and Oct. 31. Marijuana smoking isn't allowed in the cabins, but pot smoking will be allowed everywhere else.

And resort-goers will have to bring their own marijuana, or,company officials said visitors "can turn to the property’s cannabis concierge, who’ll provide a menu of recommended strains, plus suggested pairings with specific activities and meals."

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