Introducing CannaCamp, America's First Cannabis Resort

When Colorado and Washington voters approved the legalization of marijuana in 2014, travel industry insiders expected that "pot tourism" would soon become a revenue stream in the two states. While it might be too soon to call it a trend, some existing hotels began branding themselves as weed-friendly; Denver's Adagio Hotel went so far as to offer a "bud and breakfast" experience.

But CannaCamp, a resort in Durango, Colorado, is upping the ante. The property bills itself as the first-ever cannabis resort, meaning you can legally and openly smoke anywhere on the 170-acre grounds. Although the resort offers more traditional nature lodge activities like fishing, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and kayaking, CannaCamp puts a whiff of smoke into everything: There are "a variety of courses, workshops, and interactive learning series focused on cannabis-related sciences, cultivation, and pairings," which are taught by "a respected group of pharmacologic cannabis pioneers, wellness coaches, yogis, culinary wizards, and dispensary owners." Although the hotel doesn't sell weed to guests, they can consult an on-site "cannabis concierge" who will help them make the right selection when they do purchase.

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