BUD + BREAKFAST Sets the standard for canna-lodging

Denver, CO – BUD + BREAKFAST, the successful operators of Denver’s most popular bed and breakfasts, is reinventing the ‘mom and pop’ boutique hotel business with their 420-friendly model.The husband and wife duo started their business in 2014 and have since converted three Colorado bed and breakfasts from empty, echoing hallways to revitalized rooms turning major profits. Experts at creating a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere, Joel and Lisa Schneider welcome each guest to smoke, vape, or dab in the common areas of the house. Their signature Wake n’ Bake and 420 Happy Hours are also big hits among guests. Glass smoking vessels in antique showcases line the living room, giving it a discreet and private ambiance any cannabis user recognizes as a chill place to relax and partake. Water and granola are always within an arm’s reach. It’s a welcomed and much needed change for fledging bed and breakfasts struggling to fill rooms. For many guests, it normalizes the act of consuming.

“We love being able to come out to the living room and socialize while vaping or smoking, we used to only do it the basement or out the window at home,” said one couple. It was their second stay at the Adagio, the Schneider’s ‘crown jewel’ - the epitome of high-end comfort that Joel and his wife want everyone to experience. The feeling of security and comfort takes paranoia out of the equation. “It was out of necessity, recounted Joel, “I’ve stayed at hotels and had to blow my smoke in the toilet - I don’t think this is the proper use of cannabis.” After looking at the state laws in Colorado, Joel saw a niche space in the multi-billion- dollar cannabis industry.

The rooms have exceeded the original owners’ expectations with triple the nightly rates. It virtually happened overnight, as soon as they are given the green light to implement and teach the existing staff their 420-friendly ways.

Now, the Schneider’s bring their proven model to other cannabis-legal states like Massachusetts, California, and Nevada with a licensing play. It’s the first time since cannabis prohibition that a company has created a space where everyone knows their strain - and can consume it responsibly, privately, and in a social setting.

The licensees keep their establishment’s original name, it’s just a new and unique business model with a method of operation already in place. Navigating cannabis regulations can seem daunting, but with his background in law, Joel complies to the letter of the law and vows to take on full responsibility to do the legal legwork for small businesses licensees.

Licensing a BUD + BREAKFAST could save thousands of small business owners from the dreaded off-season. “Every season is pot season,” explained Joel. Licensees would also benefit from the year-round opportunities to sell merchandise, paraphernalia, and a points rewards program to their loyal cannabis loving guests. With 8-foot fences, there’s no random party-goers crashing the business. There’s also no a no smoking policy in the bedrooms. “You can’t smoke in the rooms – it’s cleaning factor, but more importantly, I want others to check into their home away from home.” Joel added, “It’s funny to hear that guests are up late, sometimes waiting to hear the steps of someone else, so they can go downstairs and meet up.”

The hospitality is impeccable, discreet, and the privacy is hard to beat. The BUD + BREAKFAST model is perfect for small inns with less than 20 rooms. However, a dining room, living room and kitchen - or some social space, is a must. “We want to encourage the communal, friendly aspect of cannabis use,” said Joel.

They encourage passing, to say the least. Joel is a firm believer in comfort and doing it in a way that’s socially acceptable and sociable to people of like minds. The model goes in-line with that bed and breakfasts were built upon. BUD + BREAKFAST is bringing back that communal, friendly, feeling. There’s a paraphernalia bar and wine that’s shared during the daily 420 Happy Hour. It’s all BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) but chances are, you’ll start your stay off with a gift from previous guests.