Texan's visit Colorado to try cannabis 

Texan's visit Colorado to try cannabis

BY: Josh Kasoff 

The topic of cannabis can oftentimes be divisive when speaking with Baby Boomers. Due to the “Reefer Madness” mania of cannabis being perceived as horribly dangerous and can result in committing murder according to the antiquated film along with many federal administrations’ laws and attempts to dismantle any use of it, many members of this demographic have disdain of marijuana as a long held belief of theirs.

Yet, just like how not all Millennials eat kale and avocado everyday, not all Baby Boomers are against cannabis despite decades of government actions suggesting otherwise.Don and Betty, both born in the early 1960’s, married for almost three decades and residing in North Houston, certainly fit the description of Baby Boomers who have never quite agreed with the federal cannabis laws for surprising reasons that aren’t often stated by those advocating for legalization.


Betty, an expert gardener of vegetables ranging from tomatoes to carrots and nearly everything in between for quite some time, doesn’t understand why the government can determine that cannabis, a plant that grows from the earth just like vegetables, is illegal. Don’s beliefs in cannabis legalization are a bit more common but still equally important. His beliefs stem from the fact that cannabis is factually less dangerous than alcohol and the potential for other states to make significant tax revenue in the same ways that California, Colorado and all the other legal states have. While they share those beliefs with the majority of the country, as Texas residents, they follow the laws of The Lone Star State and don’t consume cannabis in any manner.    


Yet, Betty struggles with osteoarthritis and Don has regular back pain from prior car accidents. Since they have a preference of not breaking the law, they’ve never tried cannabis for medicinal purposes. Although Betty has tried vaporized CBD oil for her condition, she didn’t find too much relief from the oil. Because cannabis has occasionally proven to help treat muscle conditions and also due to them never having been to Colorado previously, they ventured to the border town of Trinidad for a vacation this last December.


Trinidad, a town of less than 10,000 and once known as “The Sex Change Capital of The World” due to Dr. Stanley Biber’s long career of gender reassignment located there, has received a new boom from the cannabis industry. In the first year of recreational sales, Trinidad made approximately $800,000 in tax revenue, bringing new life, culture and updated infrastructure to a city that was slowly becoming a ghost town due to mine closures.

Trinidad Colorado

Don and Betty certainly enjoyed their time in Trinidad, even if they were a little under the weather due to a cold from one of their grandkids. Being a longtime history buff, Don also found the entire saga of Trinidad’s history, from mining to sex changes to cannabis, to be interestinidad,mmj,cannabis,g.

To vary the types of ingestion, Betty tried a THC-infused lotion, some chocolates and Don had a joint. Although since they prefer honesty, they said they didn’t find any medicinal relief for osteoarthritis or back pain from cannabis. Just like regular pharmaceuticals, medical cannabis isn’t a cure-all medicine for every human on Earth and for the grandparents of two, cannabis sadly didn’t benefit them medicinally.

Don, a medical compliance consultant, stated that his concerns with medical marijuana are that there are no medical professionals that can speak with out-of-state visitors and prescribe a specific type of cannabis. Because they were both technically self-medicating, there weren’t any medical professionals at the dispensaries that could definitely recommend a product of cannabis and therefore, this resulted in the inability for relief. 

Even if they didn’t find the relief, their AirBNB host was very welcoming and they’d love to return to Colorado someday. 

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